Kasper Arentsen

A dedicated and motivated, 26 year old, prof.bach E-Concept Development graduate from EAL Odense. Currently studying a Master (Cand.It) in Web Communication and IT, at Southern University of Denmark, Campus Kolding. A skilled team-player with a sense for professional management and development. Filled with extensive knowledge and the ability to adapt quickly to most situations. All while being able to work independently and with passion in the development of my/your/our projects.

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So what does it mean to be a E-Concept Developer?

As a E-Concept Developer, you learn to work with the development of concepts for all digital platforms on a strategic and practical level.

On the programme, you are taught such things as:

> Information architecture and usability testing.

> Project resource planning with various development methods.

> Concept development of digital communication, advertising and e-commerce solutions by applying user-driven innovation.

> Development of visual experiences, experience flows and dynamic user interfaces.

> Producing digital cross‐media concepts by combining media production technology and software, documentations and deliverables, with programming and scripting language.

> Designing for e-commerce solutions, digital cross-media advertising/marketing solutions, and other digital communication solutions, with the focus on end-users’ experience. Here under Responsive web-design and Service-design.

> Using digital genres, communication methods, digital dramaturgy and narrative forms, including various types of manuscript and storyboard.

The programme is taught using a combination of traditional methods, independent problem solving, projects and group work

In addition to the mandatory courses, you choose between courses in either e-commerce or e-design. The course also consists of a number of electives and an internship.